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Moving homes

3rd July, 2010

Running your own blog ain't all it seems to be.

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  1. Why I don't use VirtualBox

    21st March, 2010

    Finding a link to my site provoked me to write down some of my thoughts on VirtualBox.

  2. Using Dropbox as a Git repository

    14th February, 2010

    Dropbox is a great, convenient service that’s available on most computers. Here’s a quick way to share Git repositories using Dropbox.

  3. How to set up your own private Git server on Linux

    9th January, 2010

    A quick and dirty guide to setting up your own private Git remote server on Linux.

  4. Python virtualenv quickstart with Django

    20th December, 2009

    I've been using the virtualenv library at work quite a bit, and recently used it to set up a development environment for Django. Here's how you do it in five minutes.