Bradley Wright

Bradley Wright (Brad to most people), is a professional web developer living and working in London, United Kingdom.

Currently he works as Director of Web Development at Smarkets, a London-based online betting exchange. The Director bit doesn’t mean much right now, since we’re a tiny startup—but don’t let that put you off being impressed!

When asked to describe himself for a conference, he used the following paragraph:

Bradley Wright, never one for stereotypes, is an Australian living in London. Having graduated from the shady realms of speed-dating web sites, he now works for Yahoo! as a web developer on Yahoo! Answers. Brad enjoys electronic music, reading, beer, and being photographed with beer.

…which he thinks is a pretty neat summary. Except now he’d add cycling to his interests. And obviously I don’t work at Yahoo! any more.

Brad can also be found on Flickr, Dopplr, Upcoming, Twitter (when it’s working), and Last.FM, mostly under the handle “intranation”. He guarantees this is the only page where the third (grammatical) person will be used.

This site

This site is built using the Python-based framework Django. The process was somewhat painless and straight–forward, and will be documented at great length in the name of helping others.

It’s built with web standards and accessibility best–practices in mind, and should ideally validate as HTML 4.01 Strict at all times. All parts of the site should also be accessible via keyboard and/or with Javascript switched off.

Contacting me

I’ve been told I’m very hard to get in touch with, so here’s how to reach me via email: brad [at] this domain.